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Check out the Latest Graham Sketch Face Door.


Check out the Latest Graham Sketch Face Door.

@EiEiHome :: Hi — We’re a Home Improvement Contractor Directory

Note from the hosts: I tagged Marika @eieihome a little ways back. Busy schedules (for both of us) afforded little time to develop anything. In the end, I simply asked: Tell me a…

Building Moxie with Shannon Rogers @McIlvainLumber

Note this post was started at some point in early October…finished now. ha! Enjoy.

J Gibson Mcilvain Company Wholesale LumberOK … DAP, yes we visited and a learned a little about them. But before we rolled downtown, we…

One Way to Remove a Broken Key from a Lock

Baldwin Double Cylinder Dead Bolt

Baldwin Model #8021

In eleven years of homeownership, I don’t recall ever having to deal with it… . But, I got the call. It was a Friday afternoon and it had snapped flush off. In…

Donna Frasca :: I Want Color to Pop (Tart)

pop tart and colors via Donna Frasca

I’m sure you’ve heard people say, “I want a color that pops!” and I’m sure you’ve said it a thousand times yourself. I know I have. So what exactly happens when color “pops”? Let’s talk.

Wren Kitchens :: Why Choose a Fitted Kitchen?

Why choose a fitted kitchen?

If you’ve decided to revamp your kitchen, the first thing you’ll need to think about is whether you want a fitted kitchen or a free-standing design. The choice you…

Gettin’ Weatherized :: the @DAPProducts Seal Your Home Blogger Challenge – Take 1

Seal Your Home and Win badge


damaged wood siding removalWhen I was first invited to take part in DAP’s Seal Your Home Blogger Challenge, a siding project underway, a brick project in the works (plus planning for…

Understanding the Grading of Hardwood Lumber by Shannon Rogers @McIlvainLumber

We had the opportunity recently, that is Barry and I, to tour the yard of one of the largest, oldest and most prominent hardwood importers in the country. That’s right, we met with Shannon Rogers,…

Julianna Lundblad :: Find Design Inspiration in Your Closet

Submitted by Julianna Lundblad on behalf of Elliman Real Estate: Featuring NYC apartments for sale


Julianna Lundblad on FashionIf you’re looking to redecorate your room, but you are struggling…

@Owens_Corning on YouTube and This Here DIY Guy

So we took a few weeks off… and I was hoping to come back with big news of being on top and all caught up. Don’t know I can say that, but we are going to do our best to crank it out this week – it’s…